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Below is a mini-map of the full installation displayed on the floor at Idle House in Brooklyn for the Love Me, New York exhibition.
Interact with the tiles to view each artwork in detail.
Girl is attracted to great idea
Plumber dreams of the ideas he sees on TV
He decides to run like a dog
He gets hit by a car
Falling flat on his back
Upside down in the USA
He was happy on the Amtrak on the way to New York
He has to decide what to eat cause he’s low on money
A flood happens in his studio so he spends 3 hours mopping it up
He then runs as fast as he can
Losing his mind thinking of all he’s created
He’s really in America now
He writes a poem—“Running laps, running laps, running in the swamps”
He thinks to Joseph Beuys... he really is fighting the wild coyote
He’s living off bread and peanut butter while attempting to make high art
It’s driving him crazy
Other characters watch in horror, anger, and awe
He’s melting in the American dream
Studies, Planning and Practice
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