Love Me, New York (REDUX)
Day of the show. We’re here. I wake up with a ball of excitement in my stomach. 

I plan to hand out the last of my invitations today in Williamsburg.

I walk back to the Williamsburg bridge and don’t realize how long walking over that bridge really is. Jesus. 

I get back to the studio and Eric shows up to the studio at 3:30pm. I’m running around the studio getting everything set up. 

The show is scheduled to start at 7pm. A girl I had invited to sell her clothes at the show's merch table is coming with all her clothing. Her name is Yoshi. She brings her friend, Paris. He’s a fantastic artist. One of my favourites. 

We all meet and introduce ourselves. I’m starving and I haven’t eaten all day. Eric mentions Ikea has a cafeteria. Ew, Ikea food. Ok, I’ll head to Ikea after I’m done setting up.

The show started at 7pm and ended at 11pm.

I started skateboarding around the warehouse. My work was almost done. Now I got to show people. People started coming in around 7:30pm. 

About 50 people showed up. Of those 50 people, 10 of them were people I had never met before coming to New York, results from the invitations I had handed out.

It was a success. A great turnout. People loved the art. I couldn’t ask for more. While planning the show I had been focused so much on the painting. I kind of forgot I was also performing the whole time. Now with the luxury of repackaging the show in this contemporary way I can truly see the grand scope of this performance art piece.

Towards the end of the night I became restless and took my skateboard and smashed the sculpture down. It didn’t break permanently and it led to people trying to rebuild it constantly throughout the evening. 

I layed down in the middle of the sculpture. Looking back on pictures from show night I was so skinny and slightly malnourished. I hadn’t properly shit in a week. I was dirty from sweat and paint and I was so hyper and weak.

The show ends. All our friends and the guests clear out. This is my last night sleeping here in the warehouse, meaning I need to clean the paintings, sculpture, everything up in less than 24 hours. I debate leaving it for the next morning. I end up staying up till 3am cleaning up. I put away the speakers last so as to enjoy the music before it's too late.

Eric hugs me then leaves. I’m all alone in the studio. With my mountain of work. 

My work is done. Now it’s time to get home.