Love Me, New York (REDUX)
I made good progress last night, however past me still counted only 25% of the work done.

I need to do laundry. I’m almost out of clean clothes. I’m not wearing underwear anymore.

Eric is supposed to be in New York at 2pm. He’s staying at Adam and Charan’s for the duration of him being here. 

I spend the morning and early afternoon working. I’m blaring music and happy to have Eric come to work with me. I’d almost broken down last night. I had almost lost my will. Knowing Eric was coming saved me that day. 

Eric’s in America. I run as fast as I can and jump on to him, tackling him out of love to the floor. Eric’s in America.

We hug so tightly I remember how happy I was to see him.

He sets up his DJ deck and starts playing R.I.P. by Playboi Carti.

I show him all the work on the floor. ERIC’S IN AMERICA.

We dance and jump around again. My adrenaline is at a high. I know if I don’t eat and rest right now I’ll collapse. With the money Jonas transferred me I got a slice of pizza and a sandwich from the bodega.

The Bodega beside Idle House was a safe haven for me. It was a grounding, centralized space for me. My life is moving really fast but I can go in there and get a bagel and have a normal, calm, social interaction.

I come back to the studio and say to Eric I need to sit still, eat my food and watch Master Of None on Netflix right now or I'll collapse.

Eric says he’ll just keep mixing. That’s fine. I put my headphones on and begin to zone out.

I am a bit shaky from not eating much. I’ve been living off bread and peanut butter for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week now. I sit down on the black leather sofa. I turn on whatever episode of Master Of None I was watching and try to relax. Just as I begin to calm down Eric plays the song “Stone in Focus” by Aphex Twin. This song shifts the entire room, its vibrations calmly caressing my headphone-covered ears. I stop focusing on the computer screen and get lulled by this heavenly song. I turn my head to the right to look out the window. Just then a passenger plane soars past the glass studio windows. It’s too perfect. I start to tear up.

I’m calmly standing over a drop. I’m ready. I jump. I do the show.

We need to go for a walk.

Me and Eric leave the studio and walk through Red Hook.

We get back to the studio, by this time I realize I’m running low on paint. Throughout my time in the studio I have been walking up the back entrance. The back entrance obviously goes up the back of the building and you can see evidence that there are other tenants in the building. I had been leaving invitations on the second floor in some painting supply bins, and they kept disappearing. The day Eric came I found out the paint supplies belonged to a man named Jeff Koons. Jeff Koons is an artist living on the second floor of the warehouse. He is a nice man. When I met him I invited him to the show. He told me he couldn’t because he’d be in Maine. However on the day Eric showed up he caught us right before we left the building. I mentioned how I was running low on supplies. Jeff said, “One sec, let me see if I have anything downstairs I’m not using.” He then proceeded to come back up with a whole cardboard box full of paint. I was saved. 

We plan to go to Adam’s. I need a shower. I’m going there with Eric and then I’ll go back to the studio before going to the Milk and Cookies comedy show at The Gertie.

We get to Adam’s and all chill for a bit. I decide to go outside and check out the basketball court again. I see my friend Alex again.

I head back to the studio.

With Jeff’s influx of paint with me I continue to work.

The Milk and Cookies comedy show is tonight. It’s at a venue named The Gertie in Williamsburg. I was invited by a man named Max Rappaport in an Uber Pool on the second day I was in New York. I plan to work until the show starts then leave the studio. 

Making my way towards The Gertie.

It starts pouring. Not just light rain. Heavy, HEAVY rain. I’m just leaving a subway in Williamsburg when the station starts flooding with rain water.

I then realized I left the windows open at the studio. The rain will pour through the windows. I wonder how bad it will be.

I’m stuck in this Williamsburg subway station. I’m running late to the comedy show. I decided to make a break for it. According to my maps The Gertie is right down the street. Now in New York “just down the street” could mean an extra hour, but Google Maps says the venue is 8 minutes away by walking. Good. I’ll run.

I make it to the venue. All the comedians are hilarious.

I need to get on their Wifi to find my way back to the studio. It’s still pouring outside.

I get back on the subway and exit at Smith St. station. I start to get more anxious at how the studio will be affected by the rain. I start to run.

The studio is flooded with three pools of water. Nine of the cardboard pieces are ruined. The rain is still coming through the windows. I close as many as I can.

I panic and call Eric. I then call Jovian, Nick, Sergio and Toni. Toni picks up and I promptly ask him if they have a mop in the building. He says there’s one in the basement. I say thank you and run down to the basement.

I got back to the studio and saw it was flooded at 11pm. I didn’t get it all cleaned up until 2am. There was so much rain I took out my expired metro card and let it float like a boat down the stream. 

The flood was a moment to stop and collect myself. I had to clean it up and nothing else. Otherwise I couldn’t progress. 

I fall asleep on the leather sofa. Done.