Love Me, New York (REDUX)
Today I woke up and built the fire pit sculpture to completion. I still have to paint it to look like it’s on fire. Part of me wondered if there was a way I could safely light it on fire. 

I’m watching back the videos I took. I’m covered in sweat and I’m black around the eyes. For the last couple days, I have had no money. Mom suggested I get bread and peanut butter. For the next 6 days I’m only eating bread and peanut butter for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When I would mention this to the New Yorkers, I would meet later that day, they all said, “Yeah, that sounds about right.” 

I hand out 100 invites. 

For the show I plan to have the centerpiece, the outline of the American Flag, and for the 52 stars, I am renting a projector to hook up to my camcorder to live feed onto the wall behind the doorway. 

The firepit sculpture is the first piece I had in place. Next, the paintings surrounding the heart. They have the black outlines but that’s it for now. 

I plan to leave the studio at 2:30pm.

I subway over to where I now know is Williamsburg. 

I’ll be out all day handing out invitations. 

I have 20 invitations left. I’m walking back up Meserole street. I see Acme Prop House. I walk in. I’ve never seen a prop house before. I see a reception desk. There are plants all over the room. It’s got purple walls and there’s a large black curtain drawn back, exposing the warehouse with all their inventory. 

It’s there that I meet Solo. He’s a tall, young Rasta man. He’s maybe 30 and he’s a photographer. We get to talking. I give him my tagline and then I expand over everything that has been happening to me in these last few days. We talked for a while and I can tell he’s happy. Towards the end of our conversation he tells me to continue walking up Meserole, there’s a public radio station he suggests I try and get on. He then looks at me and says something I’ll never forget, “You’re doing New York right”. I hope to cross paths with him again.

This is when I meet Swim Lyfe. He’s leaving a recording studio with a buddy. They look friendly and creative. I give them the tagline and we get to talking more in depth. I tell them what I’m doing in NY. Swim says he has a Podcast and he needs to get me on it! We exchange information and dap each other up. He makes really good music too. I never did get to go on his podcast because there was a flood in it literally that week. I remember him saying, “I’m going to boost you up man!” That was a good moment.

I leave Meserole and get back onto Delancey. I’m headed to Adam’s to have a shower and then go to an artist town hall meeting. 

I get to Adam’s and have to do that dreaded 6 story walk up. He wants to go play basketball. I’m horrible at basketball. Sounds fun.

The artist town hall meeting is run by an arts collective named Con Artist. Con Artist is at 329 Broome street. Right beside Adam’s apartment on Forsyth. It’s so close, perfect. 

They invite people to get up and say something. Good.

I introduce myself and state what I’m doing in NY. “Hi there, my name's Francisco Corbett. I’m an artist visiting from Canada and I’m doing a show on Saturday in Red Hook, Brooklyn.”

After the meeting everyone is mingling. I start talking to the women who I’m sitting next to. I expand on what I’ve been working on in the studio. 

I get to the door and there’s a conversation I’m interested in joining. This older woman is talking about Shepard Fairey. She shows me photos of her with him the other week at a big art fair. She shows me some of her work. She then says something that threw me off, “you know we’re all artists... we’re so insecure so it feels so good when someone loves our work!” What?

I get back to the studio, post a recap of my day on my IG story. 

Paint, keep building installation.

That night before I go to sleep at 12:21am, Jonas messages me, drunk. He sends me 75$. Not a loan he says, a token of appreciation for my art. Tomorrow I’ll do self care and buy food that isn’t bread or peanut butter. Thanks Jonas.

Go to bed. Done.