Love Me, New York (REDUX)
Woke up to the hot sun in the studio.

Handed out 100 invitations.

Jesse posts an Instagram post detailing her love for me and my craft. It was what I needed in the moment and greatly enabled me to continue using my energy in a positive way. 

That day I really paid attention to my surroundings outside the studio. I could see the Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan Skyline, the projects, the Empire State Building, and Ikea from the 360-degree windows. It was beautiful. Especially Ikea. 

As I’m watching back the videos that Instagram has graciously archived for me. I see how much work I put on myself. I’m in the zone, I’m having fun. But I’m getting tested. I’m having sink showers and using wet wipes that were left over from a shoot someone did. By the end of the week I will almost mentally break down, my ankles will develop sores and my skin will feel soaked in kitchen grease. 

This is the day I get lost on the subway, again.

I ask a larger man for help on the subway to wherever it is I’m heading. It turns out he was a backup dancer for Travis Scott at the VMA’s. Whatever year Travis played the VMA’s.

I’m walking home and I see one of my invitations on the ground on Ostego street.

I work. I disassemble the wooden pallet to make the firepit in the center of the room. 

I call my mom and tell her I have no money.

I work throughout the evening and turn off all the lights in this massive warehouse. I play “The Broken Places” by Moby and self-reflect. Goodnight.