Love Me, New York (REDUX)
I used this day to collect myself and relax before the real work starts. I’ll start working with my hands on Monday.

Mike Dougall lets me know that he’s doing an art show fundraiser on Wednesday in support of Love Me, New York. I love him and that idea.

I begin to hand out invitations. 100 per day.

In the beginning I didn’t know how many cardboard sheets I could use from Idle House, luckily in the end they were kind enough to let me use all of them.

My initial plan was leaning towards using wooden pallets scattered throughout the warehouse. The guests could stand on them, maybe I’d set chairs on them. Paint the pallets to be part of the flag. 

I’m heading to Michael’s Art Store. I spent $149 USD in total at Michael’s.

At this point I didn’t know how exactly I’d bring the layout I had in my mind into a reality. Was I going to cover the entire warehouse floor? Was I going to buy a ton of unstretched canvas to lay down? That's what I wanted. It then morphed into an outline of the American Flag. 

I go to a random restaurant, sit down in the back. Have a burger and a beer. Jesus, I did not budget for this show or trip. That’s the point though. I’m not supposed to have a lot. I’m surviving, making art. That’s all that matters.

I’m having trouble remembering specific things that happened this day. I remember in the beginning part of me worried I would just collapse, and nothing would work. But that can’t be how the story goes. There’s too much to be gained from it all. 

I slept at the studio that night. I remember the first night I stayed there I was too nervous to ask for bed sheets or anything that I could possibly use for that purpose. I slept with my hot, sweaty back on their nice black leather sofa. Sorry Idle House.

They had these massive industrial fans that I pointed in my direction when I went to bed. It was a good day. The calm before the storm.