Love Me, New York (REDUX)
Woke up 8am at Danielle's house.

She takes me to a bagel shop.

We walk back down the street towards her house. It's hot but a dark grey sky. I’m wearing my black canvas t-shirt and lime green shorts. I'm wearing the fluorescent New Balance shoes I'll be painting and running around in for the next 7 days.

We go back to her house and grab a handful of invitations.

We get to the Brooklyn Library.

Wherever I am, I’m at the corner of Eastern parkway and Flatbush Ave, Google Maps says Grand Army Plaza

I then begin handing out invites at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket.

I make eye contact with the first couple people.

I’m in selling mode. I’m talking to anyone I think will listen. 

I hand an invitation to a woman. I can’t remember her name. She runs the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (BWAC). I give her my tagline, “Hi there, my name is Francisco Corbett. I'm an artist visiting from Canada. Can I give you an invitation to a show I’m doing on August 24th in Red Hook, Brooklyn?”

She invites me to the studio on Friday August 20th, Day 5. She’s another positive connection of the day, there's many more.

I have a disposable camera with me. I try to take a photo a day.

I walk down the street and go to an auto-body shop. There are two guys, one has a guitar and the other guy has a cool shirt, I complement it. Everyone will respond to you if you compliment them first, but it's gotta be genuine.

I hand them an invitation each and give them my tagline. I expand on it a bit. “I haven’t brought any supplies; I’m creating the whole show in 7-8 days. I’m handing out at least 100 invitations a day.

I walk down the street, it's a good day. I wonder if those guys kept the invites or threw them out right away.

I continue walking, I get on to a side street, check the time, it's almost time to go back and meet Danielle. I decide to go back up the street towards the library.

I stop in a Pilates studio. Its interior is painted baby blue. I hand out some invites. As I leave, I see a guy walking towards me, stop him and give him the tagline. I smile and walk off. I’m about to cross over to the convenience store and the same guy I just handed an invite to runs back up the street and taps my shoulder. I turn around and smile, he hands me 20$ and says, “Here, good luck.”

I'm really on fire right now. I’m in the zone and handing out invitations like they’re free money. Everyone wants one. That’s the mindset to have.

I meet back up with Danielle and she sees how ecstatic I am about the 20$ bill and everyone being so open to being talked to.

We get back to her house and say our goodbyes, it’s 11 am and I’m leaving Crown Heights for Red Hook. I’m headed towards the subway station that will take me to Idle House, where I’ll arrive at 1 pm. It’s a 42 minute subway ride. I get lost a bunch. 

I end up getting in an Uber Pool. I’m tired of getting lost, I make the decision to use Uber for the rest of the trip. In the Uber Pool I meet Max Rappaport, I initiate conversation, that’s my goal in NY, to make connections. I tell him about the show concept. He’s interested. He tells me he takes photos of food for a living, sounds awesome. He also does comedy and co-hosts comedy events at a venue named the Gertie under the pseudonym “Milk & Cookies” because everyone gets milk and cookies. I like it. I’ll go there on Thursday night. 

I finally found the front door to Idle House. Jovian comes down and says hey. We met 6 months ago through Eric. This whole idea was spawned from me hearing they rent out the studio for shoots and music videos. The opportunity is palpable. We hug and he lets me in. I walk up three floors of stairs with all my bags and skateboard. It’s a relief to finally put them down at the top.

The warehouse is 6,000 sq. ft of open space.

I put my bags down and go get a bagel from the Bodega.

I head back to the studio and ask to see the roof. Jovian tells me there’s 5G up there, so he won’t go but I can. I then see the full view of the waterfront. I film two videos. One on my phone and one with my camcorder. That second video will soon become the video poem titled “Running Laps”.

I went on IG live a couple times within the first couple hours.

Eric screenshotted a clip of me soaking all the feelings and energy in and captioned it “1 man, 1 dream, 7 days, 6,000 sq. ft, New York City”

I found the long cardboard sheets in a spare room on the top floor of the warehouse that would eventually become the 40 paintings I hold as trophies.

With the cardboard sheets I created the story of my American dream, there was a natural progression with the paintings. They tell the story of a man who runs to NY to achieve success. He’s so gung-ho to succeed he lets his body deteriorate and mind run on pure confidence and adrenaline. 

I used Joseph Beuys’s performance art piece “I Like America and America Likes Me” to build my performance art piece. So in my piece “Love Me, New York” there is also an ode to Joseph Beuys’s struggles with the coyote. I was my own coyote. 

I began setting out the cardboard in the outline of the American Flag on the concrete floor. 

I was allowed to skateboard all over the warehouse which was freeing.

I find the wooden pallet that will soon become the fire pit sculpture in the centre of the room.

I skateboard to the train stop, thank god for Google Maps and NY’s all-encompassing Wi-Fi.

Adam and Charan live in Lower Manhattan, NOHO, on Forsyth St. Right next to them is Supreme and a basketball court. I show up to the apartment but I can’t remember what the address was so I head over to a restaurant. Like a bullshit fancy one, a restaurant that tries to be fancy, but the food is average at best. 

I get in, we catch up, I give them the print they purchased from me, I shower.

Adam’s sister is in town, she comes. Jess, Adam’s girlfriend is there. Then like 10 other people, they’re all nice but I’m very wound up. I’m going to burn off some energy. 

I go skateboarding. I whip up and down Forsyth. Blaring music through my headphones.

We all settle down at 3am. I’m responding to the Kingston Arts Council on my laptop. Charan has a girl over, she’s pretty. Adam, Charan, Jess and this girl and me are sitting on the couch in their tiny apartment. The girl, whose name I forget, makes a comment “I wish I had something I liked to work on so much I did it at 3am”, I’m paraphrasing.

I pass out. Good day. WHEN I DIE PUT MY MONEY IN THE RAVE.