Love Me, New York (REDUX)
Left for NY with Vera at 7am, threw my skateboard into the trunk and got in the passenger seat.

Drove for a while and then stopped at the border, I noticed a Donald Trump photo. Weird.

The border people asked if we had anything in the trunk, I remember I have 1000 physical invitations. They have to see them, we open the trunk, I thought about giving them one.

I notice a lot of fat people on motor scooters in Target. The American dream is what I love and am here for. Give it to me. At this moment, I want the completely unfiltered American; all its flaws and fat.

Get to the train station at 11:30am, Vera gives me a hug twice. In hindsight this is interesting because she sees the magnitude of what I'm about to do but I don't. I'm in it.

Train left at 11:58am. 

End up at Penn station at 4pm, it's boiling hot. It was so musty and humid. I exit the train and look at the red support beams and columns lining the bottom floor of the station. The walls are a cream coloured tile and have been greyed and charred from the exhaust and whatever else you may find in a train station.

Call Jovian and let him know I've safely arrived.

Who is Jovian? Jovian is the owner of Idle House. The studio I’m renting for the week to work and live out of.

Text my cousin Danielle and let her know I’m on my way. I’m staying at her house this first night.

Get back on the train heading towards Brooklyn Crown Heights. Takes me about 5 hours to get there. I get lost. It’s so fucking hot I can’t think properly. 

End up in Crown Heights at 9pm, go to a Dunkin’ Donuts to get Wi-Fi to check my maps again. Ask two guys hanging down the street from Dunkin’ Donuts where I’m headed.

One of them asks if I speak Spanish.

Finally, I get to my cousin Danielle’s house, I’m covered in sweat.

We stop at a Bodega and I buy an ICE lime flavour soda. This was like heaven because it was a lime flavour. 

Danielle tells me of the Brooklyn farmers market very close to her house. I tell her my plan to hand out 100 invitations to the Love Me, New York (LMNY) show on the 24th. The whole plan is to hand out 100 invites per day for 7 days while simultaneously working on the paintings. I’m headed to the studio I've rented out for the week (Idle House) tomorrow morning. I'll end up there at 1:30 pm the next day, after handing out invitations at the Brooklyn farmers market.

I fall asleep in the small Brooklyn apartment on the air mattress almost instantly.

End of Day 1.